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UltraPerm Roofing Underlays


UltraPerm Roofing Underlay A high performance underlay for all pitched roof types and walls in timber frame structures. Can be used on warm and cold, supported and unsupported, ventilated and unventilated roofs. BBA certified and CE approved Four grades available Breathable with high water vapour permeability Exceptional [...]

UltraPerm Roofing Underlays2020-01-14T09:30:14+00:00

SupaPerm House Wrap


SupaPerm House Wrap Powerlon SupaPerm House Wrap (SP100) is a single-layer non-woven fabric which is both water resistant and breathable. Suitable for walls in timber frame structures and for profiled metal roofs. Breathable membrane for wall applications CE marking High tensile strength and nail tear resistance Datasheet Products Catalogue Installation [...]

SupaPerm House Wrap2019-12-16T14:24:19+00:00

Air & Vapour Control Layers


Air & Vapour Control Layers Powerlon AVCLs are polyethylene-based vapour control membranes with a mono-filament reinforcement scrim for tensile strength in wall and roof installations. VCLs ensure that the building envelope is properly sealed to control ventilation, prevent heat loss and protect insulates from interstitial condensation. Suitable for roof, wall and floor installations [...]

Air & Vapour Control Layers2019-12-16T14:38:17+00:00

UV Facade Membranes


UV Resistant Facade Membranes Powerlon UV Facade is a range of breathable membranes engineered to provide long-term protection for the building envelope in wall applications. Designed for installations behind open or closed ventilated rainscreens and facades, Powerlon UV facade membranes are highly UV resistant with superior durability compared to conventional breather membranes. Highly [...]

UV Facade Membranes2019-12-17T13:44:29+00:00

UltraBlock Reflective AVCLs


POWERLON UltraBlock POWERLON® UltraBlock is a range of thermo-reflective air barriers and vapour control layers incorporating encapsulated aluminium foil or metallised barrier layers to maximise energy efficiency. The reflective foil surface improves the insulation characteristics of the installation, reflecting heat back into the building. High water vapour resistance Reflective foil layer for enhanced [...]

UltraBlock Reflective AVCLs2020-05-15T12:14:37+01:00

ThermaPerm Reflective Breather


ThermaPerm Reflective Breather This premium quality breather membrane has a thermo-reflective layer for improved energy performance. High water vapour permeability Exceptional W1 water resistance Low emissivity surface CE marking Datasheet Brochure Installation Instructions Request a free sample Related products [...]

ThermaPerm Reflective Breather2019-12-17T13:47:10+00:00

Air Barriers


Powerlon Air Barrier Powerlon Air Barrier ensures that the building envelope is properly sealed to control ventilation and prevent heat loss. They also protect insulates from interstitial condensation. Powerlon Airbarriers help make the building perform better. Powerlon Airbarrier is an air-impermeable, non-woven coated material with high water vapour resistance. Coated non-woven material with [...]

Air Barriers2019-12-16T11:31:46+00:00

UV Resistant Roofing Underlay


UV Roof Breathable Membrane Powerlon UV Roof is a high performance, breathable roofing underlay with a superior UV resistance. The technically advanced, engineered material is suitable for shallow pitched roofs with a pitch of 5 degrees and over. Exceptional UV resistance for long term exposure Breathable and moisture resistant Install with Powerlon Eco [...]

UV Resistant Roofing Underlay2019-12-16T15:25:12+00:00

Metal Roof Separation Layer


Metalix metal roof separation layer Powerlon Metalix is a multilayer, breathable membrane with a three-dimensional top layer, specifically suitable for metal, zinc and copper roofs. The three-dimensional layer ensures that the roof cladding can move in the event of temperature fluctations. The separation layer also reduces the sound of precipitation hitting the metal [...]

Metal Roof Separation Layer2020-01-22T09:44:48+00:00
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