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When Industrial Textiles & Plastics (ITP) decided to outsource the preparation of their product samples, the company turned to a local business, Claro Enterprises. Based in Harrogate, Claro Enterprises are just down the road from ITP’s Easingwold, North Yorkshire, headquarters. The business, a mental health charity, operates a commercial workshop that enables those with long term conditions to function in a voluntary real work environment.

“Claro Enterprises aim to keep clients occupied in meaningful work and offer support to clients along their journey. This includes supporting them with new tasks and encouraging them to help develop new skills, confidence and self-esteem. All the clients are totally committed to participating no matter what their different capabilities in work may be,” explained Workshop Manager Helen Wilkinson.

ITP’s first assignment for Claro Enterprises was preparing samples of the company’s range of roof and wall breather membranes and vapour control layers for a major trade exhibition. The charity is now preparing samples of ITP’s full product range for the sales team. “We’re looking forward to working with Claro Enterprises on a regular basis for many years and are very pleased with the service they’re providing,” said Marc van der Voort, ITP’s managing director.

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