Explaining product marking and certification for debris netting

Much like scaffold sheeting, debris netting is often subject to misunderstanding surrounding testing, marking and certification relating to fire safety. Many debris netting products are marked with between one and three red stripes to indicate that they are fire retardant once the packaging has been removed. This can be misleading as these bands do not confirm whether the product has been subject to a one-off test or rigorous independent testing by an authorised independent body.

Debris netting must be fully certified as fire retardant for use in the construction and refurbishment of high-rise buildings. Debris netting also needs full certification for developments which are valued over £2.5m or part of a larger project valued over £20 million. Failure to use debris netting that meets this standard potentially causes the ceasing or withdrawal of insurance in relation to the Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire of Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation (JCC).

Many manufactures supply their products with red bands and claim compliance without explaining that their loose definition of compliance is based on a one-off test. This is not the same as full certification, which needs to be carried out through an approved testing regime by one of two organisations in the UK: Exova Warringtonfire  and BRE Global/Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).  Products that  are subject to one-off tests are not suitable for the construction and refurbishment of high-rise buildings or the requirements of the JCC: Exova Warringtonfire  or LPCB certification is the only guarantee of compliance.

ITP are advocating more clarity in product marking and certification. We have introduced a new product,  Powerclad FR Debris Netting, which is the only debris netting certified for any colour with unique identification to confirm TS 62 certification. The product includes a red band, but more importantly also includes a marking at the end of each roll showing the certificate number which stays on the material. We believe that the type of identification supplied with this product should be essential for any fully certified debris netting, enabling HSE inspectors, contractors, developers and scaffold specialists to choose products with complete confidence and peace of mind. The identification included on our Powerclad FR Debris Netting simplifies the HSE process which is critical in the planning of construction projects.

The standard colours for our Powerclad FR Debris Netting include white, blue, green, red and black with other colours available on request. Further information about this product is available from our Scaffold Team on 01347 825 200 or info@itpltd.com.

You can find out more about compliance, testing and certification here: