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Premier Fire Safe Specification for New Mixed Use Development

The Timber Yard development in Birmingham features FlameOut Block FR VCL in its high-spec construction

Timber Yard in Birmingham’s Southside district is a new development by Galliard Homes and Apsley House Capital that will create 379 apartments. The two blocks will include a private gym, club lounge and screening room, as well as ground-level commercial space, creating an attractive complex for residents and visitors. Designed by London-based Claridge Architects, with Rolfe Judd as the detail design architects, the project is their first in Birmingham and features an internal courtyard to increase the efficiency of the building and provide improved apartment aspects.

Contractors PIB, who specialise in envelope construction, fire stopping and internal wall systems among other services, used FlameOut Block, a flame retardant vapour control layer, fitted to the back of the light steel frame wall system.
Vapour control layers (VCLs) control vapour to minimise interstitial condensation, but where fire safety in wall construction is paramount, as in residential buildings over 18m, using a flame retardant VCL represents best practice. FlameOut Block is independently tested (by Warringtonfire) to the EN 13501-1 standard as Class B-s1,d0 for flame retardancy. This is the highest level of FR standard for combustible materials. The VCL has excellent water vapour resistance (tested to EN 1931) and water tightness (W1, EN 1928). FlameOut Block is produced by Industrial Textiles & Plastics and is part of their specialist range of flame retardant materials for building and construction, including FlameOut Breathe, a Class B-s1,d0 breather membrane and the Safe One noncombustible façade membrane.

Timber Yard Pershore Street
Timber Yard Birmingham FlameOut Block FR VCL

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Timber Yard, Pershore Street, Birmingham


Claridge Architects
Rolfe Judd


Galliard Homes and Apsley House Capital


PIB Contractors


FlameOut Block FR flame retardant vapour control layer
FlameOut Tape

FlameOut Block VCL
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