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FLAMEOUT® flame retardant & limited combustible membranes

High-Flying Airport Air Control

Construction of the new Back Up and Training Center at Doha’s Hamad International Airport is now complete. This two storey building contains back up air traffic control facilities, training areas, offices, VIP suites and staff facilities. Built on 60% reclaimed land, phase three of the Qatar airport is currently underway.

Leading roofing system manufacturer Bemo USA specified Powerlon VCL 170 for the project.  “Having used ITP’s VCL products on other projects in the Middle East,  we needed the right product to use below the Bemo Stainless Steel roofing system; Powerlon VCL 170 was the solution, aligned with ITP’s commitment to service and quality. Using an ITP product on this project was an easy decision to make,” said Operations Manager Anton Barry.

Vapour control layers (VCLs) act as barriers to prevent moisture within the building’s warm air from reaching the insulation layer and forming interstitial condensation. In countries such as Qatar, with extreme temperatures and high humidity, this protection is vital to provide long-term protection to the building envelope.

Powerlon AVCLs are reinforced polyethylene based membranes with high water vapour resistance for wall and roof installations that also act as air barriers for energy efficiency. Demand for ITP’s building membranes in the Middle East more than doubled in 2016 and the trend is continuing for 2017, according to export manager Peter Winter.

Powerlon VCL 150 Installation

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Hamad International Airport: Back Up Approach and Airport Training Centre


Doha, Qatar


Powerlon VCL 170


Vapour Control Layer



VCL 170 Middle East Airport Installation
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