Project Description

POWERCLAD® Scaffold & containment sheeting

Historic Quadrangle Conservation and Repair

The Quadrangle is a 19th-century limestone building in the Tudor Gothic style at the National University of Ireland Galway. While the historic building undergoes restoration, an aesthetically pleasing temporary containment solution is enhancing the project

Built in 1849 and originally known as Queen’s College, the Quadrangle at NUI Galway was modelled on Oxford’s Christ Church. The contract for conservation and repair to the building was awarded to Purcell Construction, in collaboration with Scott Tallon Walker, Peter F. Costello & Partners, Gabor Molnar Engineering Design Ltd, Doran Professional Services and Integrated Risk Solutions. Included in the project Historic Quadrangle Conservation and Repair is the reinstatement of the centre section of the east wing roof and repair and repointing of parapets, chimneys, turrets and the clock tower.

Purcell Construction approached Industrial Textiles & Plastics (ITP) of North Yorkshire to provide a cost-effective, easily installed solution for temporary containment to the internal elevation of the east side. They provided a photo (bottom left) and left the rest to ITP’s in-house design department. The image had to be enhanced and edited, then scaled to the planned scaffolding structure: six two-metre lifts on both sides of the central structure, each just over 24 metres long. A detailed mock-up was prepared, showing how the 12 rolls of two-metre wide sheeting would be printed and appear when installed on site.

ITP had previous experience with a similar sensitive project – the restoration of Leinster House in Dublin – and so recommended installation using an increased number of ties to ensure that the printed sheeting would appear as attractive as possible.

ITP’s Powerclad Premium FR Scaffold Sheeting, which has third party approvals for both plain and printed sheeting, was digitally printed at the firm’s in-house print facility, the process monitored with rigorous quality control.

Powerclad PMFR Digitally printed

Project Details


National University of Ireland Galway Quadrangle Building


Galway, Ireland


Powerclad Premium FR Scaffold Sheeting, digitally printed


Purcell Construction

Powerclad PMFR Digitally printed
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