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POWERCLAD®scaffold sheeting & fence sheeting.

New Life for Historic Victorian Viaduct

One of the last Victorian wrought iron rail bridges is being refurbished by Network Rail, with protection for the structure and workers provided by a heavy duty weather protection and containment sheeting

The South Esk Viaduct is a Grade B listed wrought iron rail bridge that spans the River Esk at the mouth of the Montrose Basin in Scotland. Constructed by William Arrol, the railway engineer responsible for both the Tay and Forth Bridges, the viaduct is currently benefiting from a £4.2 million refurbishment by Network Rail and specialist contractor Taziker Industrial. The planned works, which include repairing and repainting the structure, are expected to take 16 months.

The viaduct is located in a scenic area, but in an exposed location. The length of time necessary for the refurbishment works required a bespoke containment solution to protect the structure and to ensure a safe work environment for the contractors.
Taziker Industrial chose Powerclad Keder 2000, manufactured by North Yorkshire firm Industrial Textiles & Plastics Limited, as the heavy duty sheeting for their encapsulation structure. Powerclad Keder 2000 is robust PVC sheeting that is ideal for use in exposed locations and for long-term installations.

“Industrial Textiles & Plastics have provided us with a valuable service on both the current South Esk Viaduct refurbishment project and previously on the Tay Rail Bridge. They manufactured bespoke sheeting to our specifications whilst also being cost effective, which is a key factor in our selection for this project,” said Duncan Warburton, Taziker Industrial’s Project Manager.
The scaffolding at the South Esk Viaduct will be removed and the site compound cleared by the end of summer 2018. The extensive scope of the works means this historic railway bridge will not need any further refurbishment for another 25 years.

Powerclad Keder Esk River Viaduct

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South Esk Viaduct, Network Rail


Montrose, Scotland


Taziker Industrial


Powerclad Keder 2000

Montrose Viaduct Photo by Richard Webb CC BY-SA 2.0,
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