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POWERCLAD® Scaffold & containment sheeting

Powerclad provides all-season performance at landmark petrochemical project

The all-season capability of ITP’s Powerclad scaffold sheeting range is providing year-round protection and containment for a petrochemical project in the Mangistau region of Kazakhstan.

Construction operator, Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries (KPI) LLP, is overseeing the development of the Integrated Petrochemical Complex (IPCC) to deliver a polypropylene plant which will be commissioned in 2022, with the China National Chemical Engineering Company (CNCEC) LLP selected as the main subcontractor for the IPCC. Featuring 12,100m of fire mains and 23,544 of underground pipelines, the facility will deliver 629, 000 tonnes of propane processing per year and 500,000 tonnes of polypropylene per year.

During the summer phase of the project, ITP’s Powerclad Standard reinforced polyolefin sheeting was supplied to one of the subcontractors via COSOS Group LLP, a leading distributor of products and services to support oil and gas, marine onshore and offshore, mining, power generation and other industrial projects within Kazakhstan. Having secured Powerclad’s presence on the site, COSOS Group LLP’s continued advocacy led to the expansion of its use across other elements and phases of the project.

Over the course of the development, following meetings with the HSE and other subcontractors, a decision was taken to trial Powerclad and compare the system with other materials used previously. The results of that trial speak for themselves: one month later, most of the subcontractors have now switched to Powerclad and, once the ambient temperature started to drop, ITP were asked to supply one of our flame-retardant grades Powerclad FR Standard when gas heaters were used inside the scaffold structure.

ITP Exports Manager, Peter Winter, said:

“We are delighted to see Powerclad used so extensively on the first integrated chemical complex to be built in the Republic of Kazakhstan. This is a huge project to be involved in – we are grateful for the strong backing from COSOS Group LLP, which is highly respected for its supply chain expertise in this industry.”

With its massive petrochemical industry, Kazakhstan is a key market for ITP’s Powerclad product range. Our flame-retardant grades are in high demand from major operators in the region such as Shell, who stipulate UK FR certification for scaffold sheeting, which is the most stringent in the world. These standards can include TS 62 Reaction to Fire Performance Requirements: Materials used to Clad Scaffolding. ITP’s Powerclad FR is TS62-certified through independent testing by third party approval groups certifying large-scale flame retardancy standards. It is also certified to TS63, making the product suitable for indoor use.

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Integrated Petrochemical Complex




Powerclad Standard & Powerclad FR Standard
scaffold sheeting


Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries


China National Chemical Engineering Company



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