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POWERCLAD® Scaffold & containment sheeting

Sharp Move in London

A new office development, scheduled for completion in 2019,  is currently under construction in the Canary Wharf district of London.

Providing the highest standards of flame resistant technology, the building’s structural steelwork is being protected by a cementitious fire spray system, supplied and installed by Sharpfibre Limited of Basildon.

Cementitious fire spray is a fast and efficient method of providing up to 240 minutes fire protection to structural steelwork. Used in commercial, petro-chemical and tunnel applications, cementitious fire sprays withstand impact and abrasion, yet remain flexible to accept design changes without incurring major cost and time delays.

However, applying the quick-drying material presents challenges.  Cementitious fire sprays must be applied within environments where limited exposure to the elements is likely throughout the building phase of the project. In open, exposed structures under construction, the application area must be protected; a fully breathable perimeter sheet is fixed to the building’s exterior, floor protection is laid, and an inner shelter area contains the application area. If spray and debris escape the containment area during application, damage to the surroundings.

Sharpfibre has chosen Powerclad Filter Sheeting as the ideal material for the perimeter sheeting.  This strong, finely woven mesh is permeable for improved airflow, but still provides an effective barrier against dust and debris.

“Faced with regular high winds, Powerclad Filter sheeting has made significant difference in both installation time and durability to a testing location,” said Sharpfibre’s Ricky Mann.  “The design of the sheet, allowing air to pass through but not our spray product, has made it the ideal choice. Powerclad Filter sheeting has performed amazingly and is by far the choice for future projects.”

Powerclad Filter Sheeting is manufactured and supplied by Industrial Textiles & Plastics Limited of North Yorkshire.

Powerclad FR Filter Sheeting Installation

Project Details


New Office Development


Canary Wharf, London, UK


Powerclad Filter Sheeting FR
Air permeable mesh for containment of dust and debris


Sharpfibre Limited

Powerclad FR Filter Sheeting Installation
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