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POWERCLAD®scaffold sheeting & fence sheeting.

Considerate Refurbishment at Westminster City Hall

At the centre of the ‘Victoria One’ regeneration project in London is the 19-storey, sixties tower block that is the headquarters of Westminster Council. Refurbishment work began mid-2017, and the council moved to a temporary home in The Strand. The building will be given new cladding and windows in an energy- efficient makeover, with the renovations scheduled for complet ion at the end of 2018. Westminster Council says the refurbishment of the 1960s tower will cut the running costs and provide a better working environment for staff. Technical advisors for the project are Consarc Architects, while ISG Construction were appointed as the principal contractors. ISG Construction are associate members of the Considerate Contractors Scheme, which is a voluntary, non-profit organisation that aims to encourage best practice in the industry beyond statutory requirements.

Helping to make the refurbishment ‘considerate’ is Powerclad Sound Barrier temporary containment sheeting. This acoustic sheeting from Industrial Textiles & Plastics (ITP) is lighter and easier to transport and install than traditional bulky acoustic panels. Independently tested at the Acoustic Testing Laboratory at the University of Salford Manchester, Powerclad Sound Barrier was shown to have an acoustic performance sound reduction of up to 16dB (BS EN ISO 717-1). This is 40– 60% better than other acoustic barrier products tested at the same time in controlled, like-for-like installations. Powerclad Sound Barrier is also flame retardant to BS 476 Part 12C, further enhancing its performance on safety and environmentally critical sites. Compliant to BS 7955, it is offered in three standard sizes (2.0 x 1.2m, 20 x 3.5m and 2.2 x 10m) and is waterproof with excellent heat retention properties.

Powerclad Sound Barrier Westminster Installation

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Westminster City Hall


Victoria, London


Consarc Architects


ISG Construction


Powerclad Sound Barrier
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Powerclad Sound Barrier
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