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FLAMEOUT® flame retardant & limited combustible membranes

World Class Stadium for World Cup 2022

The spectacular new Al Rayyan Stadium in Qatar will be one of the venues for the next FIFA World Cup. Providing protection to the roof system for the fully air-conditioned structure is a vapour control layer from North Yorkshire

The design for the new Al Rayyan Stadium, currently under construction 20 km from the centre of Doha, incorporates symbols of Qatari culture into its spectacular undulating façade. The facilities surrounding the venue will also mirror the country, with structures created to resemble the sand dunes that surround traditional desert tents.

The stadium and surrounds have been designed with sustainability in mind. After the World Cup ends, half the 40,000 modular seats will be removed and donated to football development projects outside of the country. The post-tournament arena will become the home to Al Rayyan SC, the popular local football club.
More than 80 per cent of the construction materials being used are recycled, including material from the demolished stadium that previously occupied the site. Trees that once surrounded the old venue have been retained for future replanting, minimising damage to the natural environment.
Any new materials required for construction are carefully chosen for their environmentally friendly qualities. These include Powerlon VCL 170, a vapour control layer produced by North Yorkshire firm Industrial Textiles & Plastics (ITP), which has more than 25 years’ experience producing premium quality protective materials for building and construction.

Air and vapour control layers act as barriers to prevent moisture within the building’s warm air from reaching the insulation layer and forming interstitial condensation. As they are impermeable, they also improve the building’s air tightness. Powerlon VCLs are suitable for roof, wall and floor installations.
ITP has specialist expertise in flame resistant and chemical protection technology, producing a comprehensive a range of premium flame retardant building materials and chemical resistant barrier membranes.

Powerlon VCL 170 Qatar Football Stadium

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Al Rayyan Stadium




Powerlon VCL 170


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Powerlon VCL 170 Qatar Stadium
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