POWERBASE® Gas & chemical barriers

Powerbase Multigas Barrier

Powerbase Multigas Barriers

A premium multilayer reinforced LDPE gas barrier membranes for radon, methane and CO2.

  • Independently tested to ISO 15105-1
  • Compliant to BS 8485:2015
  • CE Marking
  • High tear and impact resistance
  • Available in rolls for joining on site
Multigas 500 Datasheet
Installation Instructions

Multigas 500

  • Compliant to BS 8485:2015 + A1:2019
  • Independently tested to ISO 15105-1
  • CE Marking
Powerbase Multigas SA tanking membrane

Multigas SA

  • self-adhesive tanking membrane
  • incorporating a bituminous backing for easy vertical installations
  • specifically designed for vertical installations
  • CE marking
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